"One of the secrets of the durability of this wood is that these trees produce chemicals within them that protect the trunk from attack by fungi and insects. Thanks to these protections, these noble species can last hundreds of years and serve a variety of applications, from domestic construction to the development of musical and sporting instruments, to the manufacture of extremely robust furniture, given their mechanical / physical characteristics. Moreover, some species are open to various external applications (building, naval constructions, swimming pool decks etc.) thanks precisely to their phenomenal resistance to atmospheric and marine agents. "

( Apuleia Leiocarpa )

Colour & Appearance :
Heartwood and sapwood with distinct colors, with a heartwood
that varies from yellow / beige to yellow / brown. Glossy
surface, smooth to the touch, taste and odor imperceptibles .
Moderate resistance to fungi, high resistance to termites.

– Workability: Garapa wood is easy to work as long as adequate
tools are used due to the presence of silica; but it glues well and
provides a good finish
– Drying: it is difficult to dry in the air. Drying must be slow and well
controlled to avoid a high incidence of defects.

Mass density (r): •
Apparent at 15% humidity (rap, 15): 830 kg / m³ •
Base (base): 670 kg / m³
contraction: • Radial: 4.4%
• Bypass: 8.5%
• Volumetric: 14.0%


• Resistance (fM):
Green wood: 93.8 MPa
Wood with 15% humidity: 125.3 MPa
• Proportionality limit – Green wood: 43.1 MPa
• Modulus of elasticity – Green wood: 14107 MPa

• Resistance (fc0):
Green wood: 37.3 MPa
Wood with 15% humidity: 54.3 MPa
• Humidity influence coefficient: 5.1%
• Proportionality limit – Green wood: 29.7 MPa
• Modulus of elasticity – Green wood: 14460 MPa

– Other properties:
• Flexural impact resistance – 15% wood (shock):
Absorbed work: 40.0
• Shear – Green wood: 12.7 MPa
• Janka hardness – Green wood: 7257 N
• Traction – Green wood: 9.6 MPa
Because it is a heavy wood has high durability and medium-high
mechanical strength, it is used in some specific applications.

Because it is easy to work with, it is a very popular material in the
construction industry. External structures of civil construction:
bridges, poles, railway sleepers, Heavy internal use: beams, pillars
and structural parts , but also doors, shutters. Covers, profiles
,skirting boards, stairs, boards and parquet floors. Tool handles,
beer kegs,. Also excellent for the production of high quality
decorative furniture.


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