"One of the secrets of the durability of this wood is that these trees produce chemicals within them that protect the trunk from attack by fungi and insects. Thanks to these protections, these noble species can last hundreds of years and serve a variety of applications, from domestic construction to the development of musical and sporting instruments, to the manufacture of extremely robust furniture, given their mechanical / physical characteristics. Moreover, some species are open to various external applications (building, naval constructions, swimming pool decks etc.) thanks precisely to their phenomenal resistance to atmospheric and marine agents. "

( Erisma Uncinatum )

APPEARANCE : heartwood and sapwood distinguished by color, reddish brown heartwood,
imperceptible smell and taste; low density; medium-large consistency
– Durability: cedar wood has a low resistance to attacks by xylophagous organisms (fungi and
insects) heartwood and sapwood are moderately easy to preserve in pressurization processes.
– Workability: cedar wood is easy to plan, saw and sand, but has a modest finish
– Drying:  air drying is simple and without significant defects. Even oven drying is rapid, but
under very drastic conditions deformation, cracking and surface hardening can occur
Mass density (r): • Apparent at 15% humidity (rap, 15): 590 kg / m³
• Green wood (green): 1110 kg / m³
• Base (base): 480 kg / m³ contraction:
• Radial: 3.3% • Ring road: 7.7% • Volumetric: 12.5%
bending: • Resistance (fM):
Green wood: 72.5 MPa
Wood with 15% humidity: 80.2 MPa
• Modulus of elasticity – Green wood: 9365 MPa
• Modulus of elasticity – 12% wood: 10395 MPa
Compression: • Resistance (fc0):       Green wood: 33.7 MPa       Wood with 15% humidity: 42.2
• Humidity influence coefficient: 2.9%
• Proportionality limit – Green wood: 24.0 MPa
• Modulus of elasticity – Green wood: 12101 MPa – Other properties:
• Flexural impact resistance – 15% wood (shock):
Absorbed work: 21.5 • Shear – Green wood: 7.4 MPa
• Janka hardness – Green wood: 3844 N • Traction
– Green wood: 4.2 MPa


Despite having a low natural resistance to termite attack, after chemical
treatment and use of sealants, waterproofing and paint, it can last for many
years, requiring only sporadic maintenance. Therefore, this wood is used in
construction in general.
used in fact for doors, shutters and frames. In the internal structural part, with
slats. It is still widely used in paneling, moldings, trimmings and coatings. It is
also temporarily used for scaffolding
. In the furniture sector, it has a generic utility: in standard furniture and interior
parts of decorative furniture.
It is an excellent ceiling covering, especially in dry areas of the home. It can be
installed in living rooms and balconies, adding charm to the environment and
contributing to the decoration of the home! Cedar wood ceilings are perfect for
homes, businesses and general decorations and feature a premium finish!


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