"One of the secrets of the durability of this wood is that these trees produce chemicals within them that protect the trunk from attack by fungi and insects. Thanks to these protections, these noble species can last hundreds of years and serve a variety of applications, from domestic construction to the development of musical and sporting instruments, to the manufacture of extremely robust furniture, given their mechanical / physical characteristics. Moreover, some species are open to various external applications (building, naval constructions, swimming pool decks etc.) thanks precisely to their phenomenal resistance to atmospheric and marine agents. "

( Mezilaurus itauba )

Appearance : Yellow / green heartwood when
fresh, aging becomes darker brown with
possible dark green shades, pleasant smell
with sweet taste. It has a high density with a
medium-high consistency and an irregularly
glossy surface.

Itauba wood is highly resistant to attack by
xylophagous organisms, termites and marine
– Workability:
Itauba wood is moderately difficult to work
both manually and with tools and machinery
due to the presence of silica, however it
allows a good finish and smoothing.
– Drying:
At the air it is slow and difficult but without
causing incidence of defects, artificial drying
is slow and can cause marked cracks,
however the deformation is moderate.

Mass density (r):
• Apparent at 15% humidity (rap, 15): 960 kg
/ m³
• Base (base): 800 kg / m³

• Radial: 2.3%
• Ring road: 6.7%
• Volumetric: 12.1%


• Resistance (fM):
Green wood: 115.4 MPa
Wood with 15% humidity: 126.5 MPa
• Proportionality limit – Green wood: 50.7 MPa
• Modulus of elasticity – Green wood: 14504

• Resistance (fc0):
Green wood: 57.7 MPa

Wood with 15% humidity: 68.4 MPa
• Humidity influence coefficient: 3.7%
• Proportionality limit – Green wood: 42.7 MPa
• Modulus of elasticity – Green wood: 16387

– Other properties:
• Flexural impact resistance – 15% wood
(shock): 17.1
• Shear – Green wood: 12.1 MPa
• Janka hardness – Green wood: 6433 N
• Traction – Green wood: 10.8 MPa


Since it is a very heavy wood, with a low
shrinkage in relation to the density, Itauba
offers a medium-high mechanical resistance
and a very high durability, Itaúba wood is
suitable for external constructions, such as
bridge structures, sleepers, poles, crossbars;
in civil construction, such as beams, slats and
floors, arches of doors and windows;
shipbuilding, boats; manufacture of turned

parts, furniture, accessories, cooperage, tool
handles, agricultural tools, etc.


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