"One of the secrets of the durability of this wood is that these trees produce chemicals within them that protect the trunk from attack by fungi and insects. Thanks to these protections, these noble species can last hundreds of years and serve a variety of applications, from domestic construction to the development of musical and sporting instruments, to the manufacture of extremely robust furniture, given their mechanical / physical characteristics. Moreover, some species are open to various external applications (building, naval constructions, swimming pool decks etc.) thanks precisely to their phenomenal resistance to atmospheric and marine agents. "

Cedromara / Cedrorana

( Cedrelinga catenaeformis )
Colour , appearance :
Indistinct heartwood and sapwood, pinkish beige; noticeable and unpleasant smell
when the wood is moist but imperceptible when dry ; indistinct taste; low density;
Coarse texture.
– Durability:  Cedroran wood has a moderate duration even when attacked by fungi
and termites. difficult to treat with water-soluble preservatives, even under pressure
–Workability Cedroran is easy to plan, saw, rivet and screw. Receive a good finish
Artificial drying requires attention and must be well monitored.
Mass density (r): • Apparent at 12% humidity (rap, 12): 800 kg / m³
• Green wood (green): 1150 kg / m³ • Base (base): 700 kg / m³ contraction: • Radial:
4.8% • Ring road: 7.9%
• Volumetric: 11.8%

bending: • Resistance (fM):   Green wood: 70.8 MPa
Wood with 12% humidity: 77.8 MPa  • Elasticity module –  Green wood: 12258 Mpa  •
Modulus of elasticity – 12%  wood: 12847 MPa
Compression :
• Resistance (fc0):   Green wood: 40.6 MPa
Wood with 12% humidity: 46.6 MPa
Compression: • Resistance (fc0):
Green wood: 3.2 MPa
Wood with 12% humidity: 3.6 Mpa
– Other properties:
• Shear – Green wood: 6.7 MPa
• Cut: 12% wood: 7.2 MPa

• Parallel hardness janka
– Green wood: 3932 N
• Parallel hardness janka – 12% wood: 3962 N
• Transversal hardness janka – Green wood: 3570 N
• Cross janka hardness – 12% wood: 3785 N
• Normal fiber traction – Green wood: 4.4 Mpa
• Normal fiber traction – 12% wood: 4.5 Mpa
Civil construction:       doors       blinds       trim       skirting furniture:       standard
furniture       interior parts of furniture including decorative ones
Other uses:       decorative blades       plywood sheets       packaging


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